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Flowers Rearranged Ingranges

Despite the fraudulent awares of what the ages could be, it comes to determine a substitute of undesigned arrangements. folded in a crisp clean napkin of white cotton, theres  embroidered a name divided unto this moment.

christina long art

Sewn of melted emeralds twined by blue robin stones they flow in and out the cloth spelling a story of timeless delights, for the wanderings of happy hooks that catch tables and chairs in the living rooms of old relatives.

Before  I could hear the sound a crashing came through the western glades and hit my old sofa bed in a fury, when i got up to see the damage it had been replaced with lilly petals and carved jades, there were so many of them! gleaming in the afternoon light, I stood and wondered from whence the storm had come, to lift and drop upon my thresold so mundane a fixture.

My good man hastened to my side, reviewing the damage for himself and was instantly in a stupor, for gladdening emerald tides never come through here like this, he said. Indeed if such were written ahead of it entreaty, then my clothes would reflect such alterations. Perhaps it was the flowers, he commented. Flowers? I asked, surely the curling dandies that always lay on the veranda were not at fault for this mess! He turned to me in great disdain of this, but my dear he said, what if it was?