Instructional Design

Adult Learning & Professional Development

“Today’s leaders are expected to be lifelong learners, which means they need constant access to fast and cost-effective development programs that build on their skills and abilities while allowing them to expand their network of peers.” (CLO, Gale)

For adult learners I have launched enterprise level learning paths with subject matter experts in addition to custom programs for global partners. According to McKinsey & Company’s 2019 report on the Future of Work, the need for life-long learning is only going to increase. Most industries will need professionals who constantly update their skills as technology changes rapidly. Formal university degrees will not always be the solution for this type of continuing education. Mobile learning strategies allow us to share important content in real-time that can be applied immediately at the work-place.

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Selected Courses Launched Since 2014

  • Online Writing Workshop. Faculty: Gordon Haber. The School of the New York Times
  • The Art of Buying & Selling at Auction. Instructor: Maria Sancho-Arroyo. Sotheby’s Institute of Art
  • Careers in the Art World: A Practical Guide. Faculty: Emilie Faure. Sotheby’s Institute of Art
  • Creative Strategy: Using Strategic Intuition to Solve Complex Challenges. Faculty: Bill Duggan and Amy Murphy. Columbia Business School
  • Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship: Ideation, Incubation and Acceleration. Faculty: Rita McGrath. Columbia Business School.
  • Innovate on Demand (Breakthrough Innovation). Faculty: Gita Johar and Yoni Stern. Columbia Business School.
  • Globalization. Faculty: Bruce C. Greenwald and Joseph E. Stiglitz. Columbia Business School.
  • Leadership: People, Teams & Organizations. Faculty: Kathy Phillips and Adam Galinsky. Columbia Business School.