Blavity EmpowerHer16 Conference, NYC

Ahh, this full day event gave me so much life!

Last week brought together Black women in digital spaces from across the country to share in new leadership learnings, entrepreneurial strategies and a focus on self-care and healing.

Blavity is an online community of multi-cultural creators and influencers bringing together today’s ethnic millennial audiences. I first took interest in the conference after reading one of their articles celebrating the weird Black girls who grew up loving punk rock, anime and cosplay. The idea of walking into a room full of 50+ Black girls like me with a passion for marketing and branding sounded amazing to me.

The event consisted of a full day of panels, lectures and breakout workshops that allowed many celebrity bloggers and vloggers with 250K+ followers each to come together face to face for the first time. To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with most of these brand personalities of beauty, politics or style as my social media is focused more often on metal bands, but it was great to hear these women talk about their marketing strategies for success in the online space.

It was inspiring to be among women that are having a similar experience of balancing work, family and passion projects we hope to focus on more if ever given the opportunity.

xoxo #blackgirlmagic


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