AFROPUNK @ Lincoln Center, July 2015

#blkgrlswurld ZINE

Everyone’s revving up for the AFROPUNK fest set to take place in Brooklyn later this August so it was great to get a taste at Lincoln Center of the fun that’s only weeks away. I learned my lesson last summer, that free events in NYC can generate substantially long lines and hours of waiting, with no promise of everyone getting a chance to see the show. I enjoyed how AFROPUNK approached this event, by offering a couple of stages to attend.

christina long art, blkgrlswurld, nyc, afropunk, metalcore, summer, 2015, mfa, siac, chicago, brooklyn, black girl Chargaux at Lincoln Center Out of Doors, July 2015, photo by #blkgrslwurld ZINE

When I first arrived at Lincoln Center, I drifted towards the east side of the Metropolitan Opera house, hearing Brooklyn based duo Chargaux performing and had assumed that this was where Vintage Trouble, The Skins and LION BABE were set to play as well. It was a modest size crowd seated in the shade with plenty…

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