Watain and Mayhem @ Webster Hall

#blkgrlswurld ZINE

(As featured on Webster Hall's Blog)

Some of the heaviest guitar riffs in black metal rattled the Webster Hall crowd on Saturday night, causing hairs to stand on end and paint to peel from the walls. An intoxicating spell of grimy death and doom was offered up by co-headlining bands Watain and Mayhem as part of their Black Metal Warfare Tour. Featuring the band Revenge as their opening act, I was pleasantly surprised by the sharp energy and theatrics presented by veteran band Mayhem. Considered legendary in the black metal genre since the early 1980s, I’m always thankful to see bands that have been playing and pushing new boundaries since before I was born.

I discovered black metal as an orchestra kid, finding both the drawling chords and speed metal riffs similar to classical music compositions I had been studying for the violin. For me this show was cathartic…

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