Unearth @ Webster Hall 6/21 :D

Stopped by Webster Hall this weekend to check out the Metal and was pleasantly surprised. In all honesty I wasn’t familiar with the bands performing- even though acts like Unearth have been around for a long time with an established fan base. In what was meant to be an opportunity to experiment with my Nikon’s new zoom lens, I had planned on simply documenting the show for later review.

Wouldn’t you know that after bands like Armed for the Apocalypse warmed up the crowd I put my camera down 5 minutes into Unearth’s set. Woah! Crazy skillful songs, great guitar rifts, lots of hardcore breakdowns in tempo and very pleasing vocals. I was so unprepared for such wonderful sounds that it didn’t take long for me to go from documenting the mosh to being in the mosh. There was some crowd surfing but this crowd was all about the karate moshing and the acrobatics got pretty serious from one moment to the next. (Sh*#t, Did that guy just do a back flip?)

Unearth @ Webster Hall 6/21
Unearth @ Webster Hall 6/21

Unearth definitely kicked ass for this New York crowd and the best evidence I’d argue is the fact that I wasn’t the only person present who reacted in surprise. The wallflowers standing in the back of the venue, hiding from the moshers, toward the end of each song there was always someone who appeared cool and collected that suddenly sprang into action-headbanging and twisting all about until hands appeared and guided them to the pit. LOL! Music can take hold of you at any time so be careful.On that note check out this article from Metalhammer about a guy who gets overtaken by the music at a Classical Music performance of Handel’s Messiah to the point he attempts a crowd-surf. He can attempt whatever he likes, my question is whether the audience actually tried to carry him or just let him squash them. LOL!!

I’m seriously glad I checked out this band and look forward Unearth’s new album coming out this Fall. #blkgrlswurld

Unearth thanks fans after the show- so professional! :)
Unearth thanks fans after the show- so professional! 🙂 they won me over

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