Jucifer at The Acheron in Bushwick

I stopped by the Acheron in Bushwick//Brooklyn last week to check out the summer line ups. I definitely appreciate the varying sub genres and styles of Metal that come through this venue and this show was no exception. With Jucifer headlining- Cleanteeth, and Mammal are what most would term “Doom” metal, I’d say mainly due to heavy bass and tonal notes that go down the musical scale more often than up. “Sludge” is another term you might hear, and I find this most often in Thrash metal sounds coming from Southern states, such as Jucifer which is a duo originally from Georgia. The chords and grinds are slow and morose, creating lengthy moments where you can really linger on the heavy bass. I love heavy bass so this was Amazing for me, the drawling sounds were capable of peeling paint off the walls. 😀 yeah! What really keeps things interesting was each band’s ability to vary emphasizing the off-beat as the tempo is slowed down to a complete stop.

Can I just say for a moment how happy I was to see a female Metal Guitarist? I know identity politics is still a ‘thing’ right now but Come On! I attend Alot of shows and believe me, its too rare how few women there are in the scene- and even for those who more visible, they have yet to get as much exposure to local and national audiences. I don’t know how to improve this situation but I Really hope we can change this around. I’d prefer 50/50 presence of men and women across all the music I enjoy. You can’t tell me men are somehow more inclined to Metal/Comic Books/Race Cars/Sports or anything else because I love all that shit and so do plenty of other women out there. Let’s compare Metallica album collections and see who Really knows what’s up, yeah?

Brooklyn Metal NYC Christina Long Art #blkgrlwurld
Jucifer at Acheron, 2014
Brooklyn Metal NYC Christina Long Art #blkgrlwurld
Cleanteeth at the Acheron, 2014

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