Walker and “A Subtlety”

I’m sorry but I just personally get the feeling that Black women with similar backgrounds to Kara just aren’t her audience, photographer Latoya Ruby Frasier claimed this herself in a lecture I saw about her own practice(Gallery 400 UIC, 2011), its not intended for women or women of color..its a trip because from a distance I feel like i can relate to their work and what they’re trying to develop, then in person, I realize the entire project is created in a way that excludes me from the conversation- the sphinx is just a big Venus Hottentot, naked for the world to consume, literally as woman and food- and it never moves past this representation or tries to challenge this idea…because I took the object personally as a representation of Black American women of a voluptuous history, I left feeling that I was the Sphinx, completely voiceless and above all, in all my physical enormity, INVISIBLE.

The work falls short of getting past the status quo and I especially felt this in person as I watched visitors consume and objectify the work in all the glory of a Hottentot event. I feel politically it’s done something for female artists but conceptually it just didn’t get to where it could have gone…

Kara Walker, Creative Time, #blkgrlswurldKara Walker, Creative Time, #blkgrlswurldKara Walker, Creative Time, #blkgrlswurld

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