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Architects (UK) and letlive at Webster Hall

Yo! Just realized I haven’t said anything about the Architects show a couple weeks back. That’s because I was blown away! I spent so much time telling the band how great they were that I forgot to share my thoughts here as well. The Architects are a British band that’s been making tour appearances in the States now for the past few years- I first saw them in connection to an Underoath show back in 2009, somewhere in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Like many bands I take a liking to, it’s all about the live performance I see the first time and even then they blew me away with their Springy Mathcore sound of trills and thrills. I also loved how the crowd responded to them. Some bands command mosh activity, while others sit back and see how the music will effect people without instruction. These guys are definitely the silent type while still being energetic on stage- a direct opposite to letlive’s antics of stripping down and skating across the stage on band equipment- The Architects can still inspire a room to go bat-shit crazy to the drowning technical sounds of Tom, Dan, Ali Dean and the resonating vocals of Sam.

Architects and Letlive perform NYC 2014, Photos by Christina Long Art
blkgrlswurld with Sam Carter after the show, NYC 2014, Photos by Christina Long Art

One thing many fans know about this band (especially with the help of their indiegogo documentary 100 Days) is that they’ve always had some insecurities with playing in America. Their doubts about being accepted by the rock crowds of the states has been known to effect group dynamics of the band, and how they would go on to develop recent albums like Lost Forever//Lost Together. So sad! I have mad respect for Tom’s ability to compose the music from an electronic place first. I’m always shocked by their self doubt, but I’ve been a huge fan for years so I guess I’m not the most objective voice on this. My sis and I have followed them every summer now for the past 4 years, which is what I told lead vocalist Sam when I met him at Webster Hall. “You guys have to keep coming back over here, don’t get yourself down!” He just laughed..I later discovered by their own admission that alot of drinking had gone on before the show… 😛

If you really want check out what goes on during these band tours, be sure to look for Sam, Dan and Ali Dean on Instagram- similar to blessthefall, bands are friends and family that get Really close while on tour…sometimes too close!!! They also offer tutoring on writing music and playing guitar so they’re chill and accessible.

It’s funny to think we’re all the same age and thinking about were post hardcore is going in the next few years. Will they still be a band by their 30s? Will I still be first in line to get into their shows? Who can say? Alls I know is these guys have performed some of the best shows I seen and I hope we all keep doing this thing called rock and roll for as long as we can.

Architects and Letlive perform NYC 2014, Photos by Christina Long Art
Architects and Letlive perform NYC 2014, Photos by Christina Long Art


By #blkgrlswurld

Christina L. is an artist and designer from Chicago | MFA grad of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Printmedia '12.

She writes about underground music and creates artwork in Harlem, NYC

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