repost: Headbang Bootyshake #2

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Headbang Bootyshake #2: Or the Party’s Not Over Till Someone Gets Cold-cocked!

A Bit of Background….

Blessthefall is one of those bands, I really can’t explain why I like them. It could either be:

  1. My bedroom is right above the kitchen as my sister played them from 8:30pm to 11:00pm every night as part of her bedtime routine, so I got to appreciate their music.


  1. After having your bed shake for three hours, you start to say, “If I can’t beat them, join them!”

I will let you choose which one really happened. Last summer I convinced my sis to try Vans Warped Tour. Which has about six-8 bands playing at the same time on small stages across a very large parking lot. She usually would say, “We’re too old for a bunch of kids that only shop at Hot Topic and get singers to sign their boobs!” But the lineup last summer was AWESOME. The Architects(UK), Blessthefall, Hawthorne Heights, and many more. It was almost more than she could stand! So suddenly we found ourselves gleefully driving down the road toward AWESOMENESS…or so we thought. What we really encountered was a severe rainstorm, flood and tornado warning. In other words, we found a dozen empty stages, merch stands that had literally blown away (No we did not pick up merch off the ground, tempting, though, tempting :P) and lots, and lots of trash. We eventually found everybody huddled in the stadium, waiting out the storm. A lot of bands had their sets and cancelled, but we did get to see the Architects (UK), Hawthorne Heights, and Blessthefall play a little, before they were ordered to leave. (No really, they almost yanked lead singer Beau Bokan’s mic away because a tornado was coming). From what we did see of Blessthefall I saw a lot of energy, a lot of spunk, a joie de vivre that usually is only found in the super young, and this guy was pushing thirty! (I know, I know, age discrimination! :P) They made the biggest war pit we had ever seen (Actually, this was the first time they had been invited back to Warped Tour, last time their war pit caused so much damage, they were banned for years) so we knew what to expect!

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**End Notes: Congrats to Beau Bokan on the new baby! If anyone is interested, Elliott Gruenberg and Eric Lambert are doing songwriting lessons @bandhappylive. I think there are still spots to sign up!

Post Written by Court L. 2014

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