Missing MCR, Giving In to the Greatest Hits Album

I’ve been feeling nostalgic about My Chemical Romance lately and I’m not sure why. When their Greatest Hits album hit iTunes a few weeks back I didnt even think to check it out (I own most of their stuff from my high school days) but for some reason after all the post-hardcore shows I’ve attended, it got me thinking about why this band was so important to me as a kid. Bands like Green Day and Chevelle were huge idols to me and it was bewildering to begin seeing such groups accepted more and more by the mainstream popular culture.

Lot’s of kids naturally identified with MCR when they came on the scene in 2002/2003. At that time the narrative of the underdog misfits had quieted down since the time of The Cure and we were all huddling close to a supposedly “emo fandom of freaks and geeks” that was indeed underground. (this so called emo was a term created by outsiders who only glanced over at us once or twice, wondering what Jpop meant and why we had our noses in manga books you had to read backwards) Us misfits were meeting in secret listening to radio reports from fellow artists who indeed felt so out of place they couldn’t even refer to themselves as Alternative Rock. Coming from the midwest- I miss listening to MCR in secret with my friends, all of us who hid under the bleachers or sat in the back of classrooms for the most part, glad to not be noticed by the highly active and bubbly villains.

MCR is one of the only bands I never got to see live, but I’ll never forget that winter in high school where I had a fever of 102 degrees, and in full delirium recited every lyric of every song in The Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge Album- giggling to myself in a Flu induced jam session of air guitar.

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