Rocking and Rollin’

Amazing. Last night’s show was a happening I haven’t experienced in years, where the music, people and venue are just right, and everyone is feeling the space towards a moment of transcendence- amassing together to push what music can really do.

christina long art 2014
Alesana at Webster Hall, NYC April 2014

The heavy chords of bass guitars mixing with emotional screams-sometimes controlled, other times relentlessly raw, reverberated through the bodies of the crowd, inspiring flight and full expression. I haven’t seen so many crowd surf since my college days in hidden pubs where a hundred kids would mosh and fight against the music.Those around me pushed and swayed to the grinding dark sounds, all hands were reaching upward-supportive and true-guiding bodies to the front of the stage, towards the bright lights.

Even the musicians were overcome, exasperated yet focused, pulling those floating above the crowd to the safety of the stage, leaping onto light fixtures and swinging from the low hanging ceiling with guitar strings between their teeth. By the time the show ended we were all old friends, hundreds covered in each others breath and sweat, exchanging lost wallets, keys, and cell phones. Happy grins shared in the truth of knowing none us would be able to hear again for days. This is my Rock and Roll.

christina long art 2014
Alesana at Webster Hall, NYC April 2014

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