PUBLIQuartet and The Mighty Third Rail @ Symphony Space

Classical strings, hip hop beats, jazzy improv and spoken word narratives is what you’ll discover withing the The Mighty Third Rail. The show last night was a successful collaboration of sounds and styles exploring the kind of musical play I love best.

The theme of the musical selections revolved around a futuristic story about Adam and Eve that focused on the thoughts of Adam as his world transforms into something unimaginable once being thrown from the Garden.

This narrative came together in a piece titled “Changing Night” created by Violinist Curtis Stewart and Poet, Darian Dauchan.  Check out a rehearsal of the piece in the vid above. I’m no Anne Rice, so listening makes alot more since to me than trying to write about it how the piece sounded.

Personally what I find great about these performances is the fun and playfulness that comes from collaboration- especially when its a group of artists who each have different areas of expertise. A handful of seemingly different genres of music and musical history can still come together and create something Amazing. As a visual artist and musician myself, the performance made me realize how much I’ve missed being part of an orchestra chamber, and also how I’ve always been more drawn to musical creation rather than visual art making. Case in point, here in New York for the past 3 months I’ve found myself at some musical performance once a week, while only attending an art gallery twice this entire time…lol…I must admit that after decades of playing violin, I was attracted to printmaking because of its collaborative process and the sounds and rhythms of the printing presses.

I’m glad I was able to check out these groups and look forward to discovering more of this sort of play across musical ‘boundaries’…My one dream (which may just have to be created by me after all) is to find a band that combines the soulful sounds of R&B with the aggressive electronic rifts of Hardcore heavy metal. Think System of a Down meets Erykah Badu cursing out Miles Davis for not calling Tyrone. Yes! One of these days…

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