New York Living…Like Woah

Just finished my first week as a New Yorker! Its been so great catching up with friends from Chicago and surreal that so many of us from ‘school daze’ have migrated over to the Big Apple. I’ve actually spent alot of time in upstate New York before, but hadn’t really hung around the East coast city for such a duration.IMG_1562

It’s all good though. An opportunity came my way a couple months ago, to direct and manage web programming for courses within Columbia University’s Business School. After much deliberation and exploration of the community arts initiatives happening in NYC, I decided to take a chance and leave my Detroit projects for a later time.

I need to find a place to live! At the moment ‘certain’ parts of Harlem are looking awesome. It’s just been so much fun getting back into the art community and the ideas/conversations festering around contemporary art and its purpose. In a few months, I can see myself getting an art practice together here and having the opportunity to see how my interests and ideas could generate action. Of course there’s more to come ( as time permits) I’ve already hit the Studio Museum’s shows and want to discuss what I saw there so stay tuned!

My friend’s cat Linden
The City Approaches! By C. Long Art
The City Approaches! By C. Long Art

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