2nd Floor Rear is Back!

Check out this awesome stop motion animation on Kickstarter that promotes an annual 24 hr Arts Festival in Chicago.

2nd Floor Rear is a 24-hour festival of experimental spaces, apartment galleries, and ephemeral and migrant projects, celebrating Chicago’s vibrant community of alternative and DIY art spaces. Each February, 2nd Floor Rear connects artists with new audiences, helps underfunded and underappreciated alternative spaces get some exposure, and enlivens a dreary winter weekend at the peak of Chicago’s bleakest season.

Past 2nd Floors featured a myriad of artworks, events, and happenings, from late-night studio square dancing to a lecture by a Precious Moments scholar, a performative meal in an El station, and a nomadic gallery in a handbag carried by wandering “docents.” This year, we want to pay homage to Chicago’s ongoing creative legacy by featuring events that recall our city’s long history of alternative cultural movements together with the spaces, projects, groups, artists, and happenings defining local artistic practice today.

The date for this year’s festival is set for February 1-2. Check our website for updates on research, collaborations, pre-festival events, opportunities, and more. Questions? Email us at itsaponyprojects@gmail.com.

Join the Kickstarter Project Here

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