New York!

I was so geeked to make it to New York City last week! Took a quick plane ride over to Morningside for a fun meeting with a “certain” department at Columbia University and spent some time checking out the grounds. It’s so cool how close the school is to Harlem, such a sweet mixture of cultural and flavors. The Studio Museum just happened to be closed last week, but I was able to take a glance at the Columbia galleries (Wallach) before heading home. The exhibition up is Multiple Occupancy, Eleanor Antin’s “Selves” and is curated by Emily Liebert.

This week the university will be having a lecture with Eleanor Antin- part of the programming for Performa 13. (Some install shots are below) It wasn’t the most stimulating work, but I didn’t appreciate the scale of the drawings and pop up figures. My diorama work is purposefully limited to a 10x10inch shoe box, so it was fun for me to think about how my characters would feel at a larger but not quite human size of 2ftx4ft or so. Hmmm..yeah, lol

I’m really looking into relocating to a major city, and have alot of friends in New York hoping I get to visit again. I experience in Michigan everyday that creatives like me aren’t the norm, but in urban spaces there are tons of us all flocking about with our portfolios and credentials, LOL. (I’m not saying that’s the Best thing) As a lone international fine artist most of the time though, it helps to be with my visually focused people. It’d be nice hanging around folks my own age again. Wish me luck! -c.long

Columbia University, New York, C Long Art #blkgrlswurld
Wallach Gallery, New York, C Long Art #blkgrlswurld
Columbia University, New York, C Long Art #blkgrlswurld
Columbia University, New York, C Long Art #blkgrlswurld


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