blkgrlswurld featured in ArtSlant

blkgrlswurld featured in ArtSlant Article HERE

(Excerpt) Thinking Through Recess: Blackness Now and Then

10/18/13. By James Pepper Kelly

“They’re not all the same color, they’re not all black, they’re not all, as they used to say years ago, high yellow, they’re not all brown. I try to give each one of them character as individuals. And that’s hard to do when you have so many figures to do, putting them all together and still have them have their characteristics.” –Archibald Motley Jr. in a 1978 interview, describing the figures in his paintings

Recess, the current exhibition from guest curator Tempestt Hazel at the South Side Community Art Center (SSCAC) in Bronzeville, taps into both the past and the present. In the show, the work of seven contemporary artists is presented alongside pieces from nine artists from the SSAC’s permanent collection. According to the promotional write-up:

“Recess is a group exhibition that uses images associated with youth and play to provide a much needed respite from the weight of everyday reality. Bringing together artists working across mediums, these works create a space that provokes the act of daydreaming and encourages one to tap into the recesses of the imagination in order to create new mythologies, narratives and histories that are unencumbered by those often tethered to the Black experience.”  -Read more at

The South Side Community Art Center, Chicago 2013
The South Side Community Art Center, Chicago 2013
Exhibition Shot of Recess, 2013

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