Warped Tour Dreams Lead Us To Riot Fest

Warped Tour hit Detroit last weekend and metal bands were not the only chaos it brought along with it. Ah, sweet Michigan summers, though quite warm- are known by most of us long time residents as the tornado season of living in your basement with Fritos and Gatorade until the always confused weatherman states that he, “thinks it’s ok to come out now.” This in turn has us leaving our boroughs for a couple hours to run back up to Wal-mart again- stocking up Ford F-150s with beer and popcorn before we run back to the basement to avoid the next flood washing, wind whipping storm warning.

Warped Tour Detroit 2013
Warped Tour Detroit 2013

So it was this pattern we experienced on our blessed Warped Tour excursion, an event I had been looking forward to All summer. My sister and I were geeked to see the Architects (UK), blessthefall, and Hawthorne Heights again. 3 of our top life consuming bands. However, by the time we arrived in the evening, to avoid the “up and comers” we discovered that a tornado warning had sent the entire festival running and hiding deep into the Palace of Auburn Hills. Very similar to the storm evac at Lollapalooza last summer, which clothed people in the sub basement parking lot of Millennium Park for hooooouuuuuuurrrrrrrssssss. Yeah, hours.

Alas, just when we were convinced the festival was cancelled, the security opened the doors and let us misfits party and be free! In a short time we were able to see the Architects and chat with them a bit after the show (since alot of people had given up and gone home). Too good to be true? Yes, because as soon as blessthefall finally hit the stage……another Tornado warning had bands packing up their sets in record time-I’ve never seen that many folks decked in Hot Topic running for their cars, black eye liner dripping and mini skirts falling.

😦 sigh…

“But we shall prevail!” is what my sister told me, “Our time of rocking this summer has not been in vain, on we go dear sister!” (And yes we talk like this) “To Riot Fest Chicago!!!”

Taking Back Sunday and blink-182 in Humboldt Park? That’ll do! 🙂 See you there!


Warped Tour Detroit 2013
Architects at Warped Tour Detroit 2013

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