Woah, Don’t Remix Me Too Soon Kanye

Things have been busy this summer! Naturally to my surprise, I had no idea what was waiting for me when June came through.

For starters, my photo work is featured in a Pride month exhibition at General Electric Headquarters, Connecticut-from Late June to August, so if you’re in the area, check it out (and use it as a way to apply for a job there, yes?) Yes. The artists and curators of the project had a short meeting yesterday to discuss our plans for an online artist talk. I can already tell the other artists in the show are AWESOME and that as a group we’d have a great discourse going about race, class, gender and queer studies. Naturally one of my favorite things is gathering folks from every walk of life to chat and exchange ideas and experiences, so I’m thinking of posting here some notes from that conversation or even some artist bios after the event.

I think not knots. Christina Long Art, blkgrlswurld, chicago, mfa, gem69
I Think Not, Knots , 2013 , by C.Long, 35mm Film

In other news, my research at the museum has taken off in directions unforeseen.

Historically Prentice H. Polk was a well known African American photographer of the 1930s-1980s who spent most of his career documenting the happenings on the campus of the Tuskegee Institute (Tuskegee Airmen yes!)

Mildred Hansen Baker, 1937 Prentice Herman Polk Gelatin silver print, 8.8″x12.5″ Anacostia Community Museum Special Collections © 1981 Estate of P. H. Polk and South Light Image No. PH 2003.7080.09

So when my boss told me to research some of the school’s sorority groups that he photographed (which the museum has on display), I contacted Tuskegee University’s archives for the full scoop. After about 2 months of in depth research into Black sororities and their American history (Divine Nine) + Tuskegee’s student group records and yearbooks, I was able to answer a few questions regarding these photos and close this Cold Case.

But does it end there? NO! Because of my activities reaching out to the university and its archive library + historical museum, they’ve invited me to submit my findings for a museum exhibition focused upon the works of Prentice H Polk going up this Fall 2013. Cool! My research is planned to be featured in exhibition wall labels that help to provide context for certain images related to student groups and sororities.

Following this news was also my job offer, and summer gig as Adjunct Faculty at the College for Creative Studies, Detroit. I’ll be working with young students age 6-12 for the summer there teaching one of my favorite subjects, CARTOONING and hopefully ANIMATION as well. Too fun! I’ve already written my lesson plan and can’t wait to show the kids all about artists books, self publishing and zines. I did say this was cartooning right? What’s the point of drawing comics if you don’t get your story to the people! Got to have that follow through right?

Strangely enough, there’s been quite a bit of interest in my talents lately, companies I’m not even familiar with. How and why are people suddenly taking notice? Beats me, but I’ll check back here as things develop.

*My best advice is to never let other people define you. Only you know you.


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