Domino the Destitute and some Museum Talk

Coheed and Cambria still brings the summer hits for me. Been listening to them for years- even though this track Domino Destitute came out last Fall, it’s still doing it for me this June.

I’m giving serious thought to utilizing heavy metal movements in conversations regarding contemporary art criticism, similar to the way writers have referenced Jazz music to think through visual artwork of that era. Thoughts? Comments? I think it would be wicked awesome. Like most expression there is overlap in the arts and styles flowing since the 1980s. Basquiat and Funkmaster Flex, AfriCOBRA and Sun Ra, but how has grunge left a mark on the art of the 1990s, or post-hardcore metal licked the moods and hands of paintings in the 2000s. Don’t you want to know, I sure want to!

We are hitting up Warped Tour this year as well so stay tuned. this-is-a-metal-summer. So far we’ve hit up the Underoath Farewell tour, Asking Alexandria and Whitechapel, with Architects (UK), blessthefall, and Hawthorne Heights coming soon!

Right now I’m working with the DIA (yes, its till open) on researching sorority photographs from the 1930s at Tuskegee university. More to come on that later 🙂


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