Cooking with Color = Yummy!

This blog doesn’t normally cover food, but my new recipe for Baked Mushroom Tops is just too good!         I just had to share it with my peeps. As an artist and creator my greatest advice on cooking healthy meals, is to Use Color! We all may not be fancy chefs, knowing how to gracefully rest ingredients together like a well composed symphony- but we can cook up a dish making sure it utilizes veggies and seasonings of many colors. Check out my tasty recipe below.

Blk Grls Wurld Mushroom Tops, 2013
Blk Grls Wurld Mushroom Tops, 2013


-Several avg White Mushrooms, 5-8 count

-1 Tomato (1/2 Onion optional)

-1/2 cup of fresh Parsley or Kale

-1/3 cup of cream cheese

-1/3 Shredded Cheese (your choice of cheese, I prefer mozza/colby blend)

-1/4 cup of stick butter

-Cooking spray to grease the pan.

*******Pre heat the oven to 400 degrees.

*Wash your mushrooms and dig out the stems (keep the stems on the side to use later.)

*Once you’ve cleaned out the tops, start mincing the mushroom stems separately. Take your Tomato and chop it down to a nibbly size of your choice. Place the chopped Tomato & Mushroom Stems in a small mixing bowl together.

*Toss in your cream cheese, most of the shredded cheese, the 1/4 cup of butter and a dash of parsley. After youve combined these in the bowl mix them with a wooden spoon until you get a creamy consistency. If things arent getting creamy enough add more what? Cream cheese!

*Use a spoon to dip into the creamy spread and fill up your mushroom tops. Then, place the tops on your pre-greased pan about an inch apart from each other. Now, I like my Kale or Parsley crispy, so begin placing little leaves of these veggies onto the top of your toppers. From there you can also add a dash of salt/pepper, the rest of the shredded cheese or more veggies like shredded carrots, bits of corn, breadcrumbs- follow the colors! If its bright and full of popping colors it will be fresh and tasty!

Bake these little beauties in the oven until golden brown. Let cool for a sec and devour!!!!


Blk Grls Wurld Mushroom Tops
Blk Grls Wurld Mushroom Tops

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