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A Must See this May: Manifest Urban Art Festival @ Columbia

Manifest is Back! Nobody knows how to throw an art party phenomenon of visual and performing arts the way Chicago art students can. I highly recommend this event, as Columbia students are more encouraged to truly interact with the surrounding urban space and its communities more than schools like SAIC or Northwestern. See, some programs make art in bubbles, others make art among the ‘people’. Which sounds more progressive to you?

It all starts May 17th, 2013.

The event kicks off with a huge Pow Wow of a celebration known as The Great Convergence.            A Collective power of creativity where a variety of Chicago organizations are invited to preform, even if they don’t have a previous affiliation with the university. Its got to be one of the more successful Multicultural events I’ve witnessed in Chicago, with all sorts of genres of music, dance and word.         So check it.


“On May 17, Columbia College Chicago will celebrate the work of its more than 2,000 graduating students with its annual urban arts festival. From art exhibitions to readings, from original designs to singer showcases, the talent will spill out from Columbia’s South Loop Campus and onto the streets, with main stage performances from student bands creating the musical backdrop to the Manifest 2013 showcase.

A free event, and open to the public, Manifest 2013 is made possible through the contributions of its sponsors and the creativity and gifts of the Columbia faculty and graduating student body. The all-day event marks the 13th year of the festival, and it will be filled with engaging, thought-provoking and playful art, music and visuals that showcase the talent and creativity of Columbia students. “-Columbia College

Here’s what went down last year. Epic!

By #blkgrlswurld

Christina L. is an artist and designer from Chicago | MFA grad of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Printmedia '12.

She writes about underground music and creates artwork in Harlem, NYC

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