Thoughts On Public Opinion #2

I’m really looking forward to participating in the Free City Art Festival this May in Flint Michigan. My friends and I of Public Opinion Curatorial Projects will be presenting an outdoor installation of Video and Sound at the festival’s site-an abandoned Chevy factory that was once an economic pillar in the city.

Public Opinion

We will be exhibiting video arts across the factory landscape outdoors, while transmissions from other cities broadcast into the space. Friends of mine located in Chicago, NYC, London, and Bucharest will use cell phones and Skype to field record live and speak to the Flint site if they’d like to engage.

Below are some of the critical theories I’ve been considering during the process of curating this project.

“How can ephemeral moments engage an industrial space? The experience of using technologies like projectors and sound transmissions from other places is a matter of creating a 3rd space. A layer of transparency that wasn’t there before. We use our machines to call to the site and resonate with it. An exchange occurs in the shadow of this deteriorating landscape that was once closer to human reality, now drifting back into the mysteries of nature. How do we reach it there? How do we hold a conversation with this land?

Voices from other cities, where similar landscapes are similar, call out to Flint in real time. What is lost or gained through this resonance is not important to the viewer, as these sounds travel on without us into a mythos of nature we don’t understand.

What does become critical for the viewer, is the experience of locating yourself (Physically & Mentally) in the midst of such activity. Almost as if standing inside a large bell while its ringing.”

-By C .Long

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