Living Detroit: Cruising the D:hive

This past weekend my friend and I jumped in the car and headed to an emerging event called  Live Work Detroit! In partnership with various business development projects like Pure Michigan, the event was a one day tour for new college grads (Universities from every corner of the State), providing them a tour of burgeoning career opportunities downtown, new condos & apartment areas and some of the fun amenities found in the local neighborhoods.

The event was held at the Fillmore Detroit theater for the most part, while also including a great event at the end of the night- The Detroit Top Chef Competition.

Overall we had a really great time, now that I’ve been a post-grad for awhile, I was pleased to find organizations like the D:Hive, taking students around to real businesses and restaurants instead of doing an artificial song and dance about how we aren’t supposed to notice the expansive empty lots and abandoned buildings. Instead we received a warm welcome and realistic exposure to the places where our young guides live, work and play.

There really is a great group of artists, designers and thinkers from all over the world here-seeing the city as a blank canvas for just about any opportunity you can imagine. Critical thinking can shape a community faster than just throwing money at a problem and in this moment I can definitely see some positive changes happening. The helping of this city is a lifestyle and every resident contributes to the city’s future, so its certainly not for everyone, but from the time I’ve spent at events like this (and as a Wayne State University graduate student) young thinkers are carving out a space for themselves that’s far from simple gentrification. These re-emerging Detroit neighborhoods and communities are propping each other up towards something great.

Be sure to check out D:Hive and some of the other great design based projects like Wedge Detroit.

Also, stay tuned for the next voter based selection of Challenge Detroit Fellows.

D Hive Detroit
D Hive Detroit

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