Marvelous Freedom Opens @ Columbia College Jan. 31st

Marvelous Freedom/ Vigilance of Desire Revisted Opens @ Columbia College Jan. 31st

January 28 – March 15, 2013 Reception: January 31, 5-8PM Arcade Gallery

The next generation of contemporary artists have been representing in Chicago on a serious scale the past couple years. These new kids busting out of SAIC and Columbia College Chicago are showing, selling and curating work all over the place- and people are starting to notice. Marvelous Freedom is a show curated by some of these intelligent artists- who happen to be down with renewing the ideas of the Afro Surrealist Movement.

Many of the students featured have already won numerous awards and recognition in the fine arts and are pushing critical/on time conversations with their mediums. See Sixty Inches from Center’s interview with the show’s curator Alexandria Eregbu.

Hannah Rodriguez untitled, Collage, 2012
Hannah Rodriguez untitled, Collage, 2012

What this event is truly about remains experiential. Naturally I’m featuring some artists books (I love the personal touch of viewers taking the time to read in the middle of a picture show) Sure, every gallery nowadays wants to compel the atmosphere of the space with all that relational aesthetics bullcrap but this show is beyond simple tricks of social engagement and image placement. The upcoming generation has seen what their mentors have thrown together in the artworld, and they are not impressed. This is why they are going back, and ahead of you at the same time.

Eregbu describes this Revisted Desire as excavating the history of our ancestors and negotiating the implied outcome of our collective future, we reintroduce a quite familiar, yet unspoken “madness” to the public sphere.  -C.Long

Arcade Gallery Show Description
“Taking its cue from San Francisco-based writer and performer D. Scot Miller’s “AfroSurreal Manifesto: Black is the New Black,” Marvelous Freedom: Vigilance of Desire, Revisited is a group exhibition that explores Chicago’s contemporary and emerging artists of color who approach art-making through an Afro-Surrealist lens. Curated by current BFA candidate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Alexandria Eregbu, Marvelous Freedom: Vigilance of Desire, Revisited engages the richness of Chicago’s Surrealist history in order to extend, expand, and re-impose new visions of 21st Century Afro-Surrealist aesthetics and cultural concerns, reexamining the first Marvelous Freedom/Vigilance of Desire, the largest Surrealist exhibition that took place in Chicago in 1976.”

Exhibiting Artists: Devin Cain, Krista Franklin, Kenrick McFarlane, Stephen Flemister, Avery R. Young, Hannah Rodriguez, Chelsea Sheppard, Michael Tousana, Cecil McDonald, Jr., Christina Long, and Cameron Welch.

Programming: Saturday February 9th, What is Afro Surreal? program at the Chicago Cultural center with moderator Tempest Hazel

Exhibition Contact:  Justin Witte/

Kenrick Mcfarlane, untitled, 2011
Kenrick Mcfarlane, untitled, 2011

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