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Climate of Uncertainy Opens Jan. 10th at DPAM

If you haven’t checked out the new exhibition spaces at the Depaul Art Museum, youre missing out on a sexy crisp new gallery. In the past year I’ve attended various art openings there and I have to admit that sometimes the elegant curation and placement of works of art in this museum, are better than the art works featured.

Sitting quietly next to the Fullerton Red Line Stop (Chicago) the museum will be opening a few new shows, for example Climate of Uncertainty- a photography based exploration of environmental degradation. A sort of save the trees, whales, teddy bears sort of thing. But hey, in the heart of midwest factory towns I’m confident the 12 featured artists challenge our American landscape with gusto and appeal.

In fact as a long time Detroit resident myself, there’s been talk for awhile about all this so called Ruin Porn creeping up through galleries these days- as sincere as the artists may be in trying to capture post industrial life of the local factory natives it remains to be seen by these communities whether the images taken of their homes and landscapes do more than entertain the fancies of the art world bourgeoisie.

Speaking from experience, what are people supposed to feel about the fact that the Ford River Rouge Plant by my house that was once a buslin’ campus of production when I was a teenager, is nothing now but miles of parking lot getting over grown with woods and wild animals? A pretty picture to some, mundane to others and to you all buying these photographs? Let me guess a stunning sense of achievement that you still live someplace modern or fresh. Woe to the suckers who appear to be fading away like the Aborigines in your history books.

We ain’t dead mofo! Anyways….

DPAM Show Description:

“Climate of Uncertainty presents the work of twelve artists who address issues of environmental degradation resulting from human activities. Scientists are ringing alarm bells about climate change, species loss, industrial pollution, and deforestation, and though most of us are aware of these problems, we often choose to ignore them. But this apparent lack of interest might instead be the response to limited strategies for engagement. The artists gathered here draw in their audiences visually and experientially, using a fresh vocabulary to build a public movement. Each artist begins a dialogue with the viewer, challenging us to action. Their striking visual images serve not only to emphasize the state of the world around us, but also to help us see the destructive path that we have thoughtlessly taken and ultimately to imagine a more hopeful future.”

Featured artists include: Marissa Benedict, Edward Burtynsky, Terry Evans, Sonja Hinrichsen, Allison Grant, Chris Jordan, Maskull Lasserre, Marilyn Propp, Sabrina Raaf, Christina Seely, Daniel Shea, and Toshio Shibata.

Daniel Shea Art
Coal Fired Power Plant (Removing Mountains) ,Daniel Shea Art, 2007

By #blkgrlswurld

Christina L. is an artist and designer from Chicago | MFA grad of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Printmedia '12.

She writes about underground music and creates artwork in Harlem, NYC

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