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From Pencil to Pixels

There are so many ways to experiement with digital art these days, so I figured it’d be fun to see what I could do to create a cycle of regeneration. Here I’ve posted a paper collage of stray bits of famous paintings from a catalog, plus screen prints and magazine clippings. I scanned in this arranged collage and image traced it in Illustrator-then after breaking up sections of the design in photoshop, I animated its changes as a gif.

Its interesting the relationships digital media has to its original file. Somehow once an object is transferred to data, it becomes more and more dissolved into the network, losing alot of its identity as it travels-picking up new sources and new faces. Where does that information go? Can we simply claim it was erased or tossed aside?

Back in the day when people talked about cameras capturing their souls, we became comfortable with our portraits being transferred to film. Once printing technologies for the multiple emerged these ideas stretched and concepts of iconography and fetishism occurred, in other words, the further and more distant the image became as it passed through technical processes, the more it lost its true identity and developed more into a larger less detailed idea. For example, Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe prints- through his screenprints by the time we got to his final works of her, it wasnt really Her anymore, just a distance shadow of an icon that represented a time and place.

Is this similar to what occurs when we create gif animations? Or scan/photograph any hand crafted works of art? the gif above now has a life of its own, inspired by a still collage that will never Move or change. A trail has been created, a life cycle of the images i arranged a certain way, forever to float throughout the net, existing anywhere and everywhere simultaneously among random servers. Fading away like any classic oil painting as it is copied and recopied. I muse about what sort of ideas (if any) will cling to this image as it travels.christina long

By #blkgrlswurld

Christina L. is an artist and designer from Chicago | MFA grad of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Printmedia '12.

She writes about underground music and creates artwork in Harlem, NYC

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