Check it! Got a new tumblr site for instant gratification- I’m sure yall know what I mean.

There’s always pressure on my part to write decent prose on this wordpress account, so I’ve found that playing on tumblr has let me explore my animations, vids and gifs alot faster than here. I’m going to manage both sites equally so stay tuned!

New site called blkgrlswurld, featuring artworks in progess and collaged visual art inspiration pulled and shared from the bowels of the internet. Instagram be damned!

I’m an artist and i gotta get these ideas out fast, lately i’ve been pondering the roles of powerful women, or better yet, what its meant to be a powerful woman in the past 50years or so- i also like researching dating relationships, how people manage to pair up with someone completely alike or different from themselves, and finally brown skin/black bodies and their presence on the internet. are we still as commodified as before? will orientalist views of non white cultures ever fade out of style, even in the digital realm?

points of interest include

Joan Crawford films


Mickelene Thomas
Mickelene Thomas

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