Pop Aint Going Nowhere…*grumbles*

With international ear worms like gundam style going viral across air waves, its sobering to realize just how multicultural pop music has become- now that every country seems to have their own pop princes and princesses, I wonder how musical styles will become more globalized, as they spread from region to region quickly. This phenomenon had occurred with hip hop, jazz and reggaeton. I’m interested to see what other genres travel across time, space and culture.

In the arts we discuss how ideas and movements can spring up from various cultures at the same time without ever coming into contact with each other. What with musical styles developing individually and blurring with similar sounds from other places, is it possible to discover a universal style of sound? writing? visual art?

2 Replies to “Pop Aint Going Nowhere…*grumbles*”

  1. Agreed- I cant remember the last time i followed a band that came from the radio or mtv- and the ones i have cared about have always washout and lost their edge once they become more mainstream.

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