GEM69 Kickstarter Project

Check Out My Kickstarter, Get Fun ScreenPrints and Books

I’m going all out for this, I have projects to complete with no space left in my studio to make them. Therefore I have new art on the cheap I’d love to pass on to you.

My next screenprint will be the most challenging to date- a special edition of 25 prints w/ 5 colors titled “Woodless Antipathies”. The print explores the abstractions created through the mistakes of basic screenprinting technique interacting with illustrations of Black urban youth at play.

This print will be exhibited later this Fall at both the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and at Columbia College.

And you’re the first to know! 😀

My artwork explores the Black experience of youth through storytelling, domestic objects and the juxtaposition of the real, verbal and visual worlds combining in the layers of a good print.

Therefore I hope you will enjoy these prints I’d like to share with you and stay tuned for the completion updates and the debut of this next special edition.

xoxo GEM69

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