Warped Tour, Chevelle and Such

As you know this summer’s music lineup of national tours is shaping up to kick some serious ass. Due to my frequent runnings around at the Chicago Lollapalooza in past summers I decided to take a break this year in exchange for a more intimate performance with some of my fav bands like blessthefall and the Architects (UK) coming thru at Warped Tour Detroit this year.

Chevelle is coming thru with Evanescence as well in August, which I’m compelled to say is AWESOME -even though I’m in my mid twenties now I cant deny these tried and true high school bands. I mean, they brought us up through the early 2000s. Chevelle, Staind, Shinedown and all those grindy fellas really kept things turning in Detroit when I was a kid.

Funny too, because the one and only show I had to opt out of is the Deftones/System of a Down show also in August. I know!!! SOAD’s been gone for so long! But in the long run I figure, knowing the lyrics to every song either of them have gets sorta old for me. The Deftones were at Lollapalooza last summer for sure- but there was alot of talk about how all these varying cliques and genres weren’t really melding too well. The diversity is certainly worth a try but it definitely grated out there.

This summer is looking up.

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