binds, prints and red bull

Yo! Crazy summer coming along around here- bouncing back from Detroit and Chicago of late but I’ve got some Art updates like… Red Bull Curates! featuring the Arts Fund-

How did I get into this? Beats me, as usual I just happened to get a call about the project for Chicago next month- 20 street artist from the windy city (plus Me) will be tagging refrigerators packed with ice cold drinks- not sure how i feel about it…heh

But I hope yall will show me some digital lovin because the winner of an online vote of the best fridge will get a free trip to Miami Art Basel, my only question would be….psssst..(I thought most artists from the street scene weren’t shall we say welcome? to show at Miami I wrong? LOL i hope so!)

Alls in all should be a fun time, hanging out with the Chicago Crews and whatnot this July- the show opens July 26 at the Chicago Urban Art Society.

christina long art gem 69

(Ok so not to plug in promo shit but..books for sale!)

Coming soon! AMAZING screenprints for just $10 bucks!

I’ve got some accounts cooking on Etsy and Kickstarter mainly due to max out of storage- everything is dirt cheap so if you have a friend you think may be interested in collecting affordable contemporary art drop me a line.

Prints, Books, Blank Journals, Drawings and more coming online soon so definitely check back about Kickstarter, there aren’t too many things cooler than using existing prints in order to make More prints right?

It truly is a matter of space, I cant make any prints/books in my studio unless I clear some of this out- yo.

xoxo GEM69

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