Story Searching

Now that I’ve finished up the MFA in Chicago I’m back in Metro Detroit with the fam working on some upcoming books.

After self publishing a book of poems titled “Cohnifestige Lake” an edition of the book was sold to the Joan Flasch Artists Book Library in Chicago. Now that its completed I’m developing a series of folktales that explore the adventures of Black children in Urban sites the way I used to explore. Coming from Detroit this experience is common enough, with large spans of nature, woods, forests and plains that continue to swallow up industrial architectures and abandoned homes.

I went out by my house with my sister recently (in these photos) to see if we could walk through the woods thinking about how we used to naturally explore places as kids, always finding the fun in the most mundane landscapes around us.

The sights and sounds we’d been conditioned to expect suddenly became a mysterious backdrop to strange creatures and characters roaming the rural lands of the forest. (Did I mention my sis and I are both writers? lol)

Stay tuned for upcoming poems/stories. I documented the walk and will be compiling photographic sources for this next book.

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