More Hardcover Accordion Variations yo!

christina long art
Hardcover 5x7in accordion 35inch length

Handmade books are a great opportunity for customizing various folds and binds together to create something. The materials and design of how the book is read changes how the reader interacts with the text. This can make reading more interactive with the form and alot of fun.

These 2 books are from gallery installations where I utilized the same screen printing stencils and prints.

For these 2 accordions, I screen printed a traditional flower pattern onto hardcover fabric and incorporated it into both designs. The larger book below includes a protective case and ribbons on the accordion to better pull the book out of its case.

The second book is a smaller pop up variation where extra folds were made and cut out for a dimensional design with inserted pages sewn with simple binding. because of the paper choice its really flexible and fun, in this case I would say the form of the books is more significant than the content within.

Want to know how to start an accordion? Hit me up-

christina long art
Hardcover sleeve for 5x7 accordion
christina long art
hardcover variation with insert pages
christina long art
extended, 2inx7in

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