Handmade Artists books (accordion folds)

Books create a more intimate situation between the viewer and the artwork. from hard cover books to hand made papers.

christina long book
christina long book

There some fellowships coming up in handmade artists books at the school of the art institute of Chicago this month- a school known for its many published alumni and artist book collection-I’m hoping to be the most recent published kid in their vast collection of writers and makers yo.

Crafty artist that I am, I’ve been making accordion books like these to coordinate with the lifesize installations of photography I post here of objects and toys. Being a printmaker I get geeked about paper and collage so in this little book, I created pop up characters that dwell within the world of my dioramas, Its been entered into the fellowship contest and I’m hoping for the best. Books are serious business in Chicago, from the Annual Zine festivities to the Independent shops…

There are so many types of book folds and binds so if you want to start editioning and self publishing, feel free to ask me questions here.

christina long book
christina long book

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