Sharing Water Ways

On time for a divide will keep those of us in direct interlude from slipping out of sight I guess.

Why couldnt it be so for other mornings? Heightened by tides of reveries in distance esoteric delights.

Likewsie and dandywise the hillsights of the others and the others and their mothers and so on. Could be fraudulous ahead of schedule, but alas, yes this train is on time.

Last week I saw a little girl in pink rain boots, so small was she that the waters swept her away. Boots and all. This is why phantoms dont have the right clothing for sunny days like this. Its all about the attire for a meeting isn’t it? What we do to look good and have a nice day and thanks you so Very much. is key to all nefarious turbulence.

Vestibules with glazed donuts and frappy crappy cafe coffees turn this kid this away and that away for furry brows and pencil lined skirts. Particularly in the fashion as it is in fashion of the fashions of foul plays. And so my dear this is how our waterways continue in extensions in reprimanded circumstances of the most heinous kind, inferior to the births of others.have some more yes?Image

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