Gots Ending Habitrarings

Time should take a stroll sometime, find another practice. all this running isnt good for us. time nd I have been such friends, but I question how well I know him. He only seems  to come around when he’s bored, which happens often enough, and then when things get interesting he finds himself encased in other engagements.

People who dont know me suspect we have a good relationship from afar- but how can yellow flowers be prideful about stems which end in golden themes?

I think I shall write him a love letter. Yes A letter to time, of my feelings for his awquard availibilities and gallant o-phases. Dear Sir, I will say, Your happenings come few and far above the usual tenemants found in a gentleman. Please make haste will you? For my love has an ultmatum of great edict. The resonsibilities of all are not those of others, be reasonable and appear to me only in proper disposition. With love sincerely, your dear friend Gem.

He would laugh at that. C long art

And nots only I who sees a different behavior in him. Killings of red bees show up from time to time in the wabash train platforms. I saw them, and those and some more too. Little things like pale gold jades and frosted gems of tailored stone, runing by ladies heels and childrens teddys, by that old mans cane and the fair womans purse.

He ought to have more nerve if you ask me, running around town like that. But who am I but a dear friend of his measures?

Time does what he wants and wants what he does.

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