Chicago Galleries this Weekend, 2nd Floor Rear yo-

Whats up folks, my solo show last nite was a hit at the Silver Room in Wicker Park Chicago, but that was only Friday. For those of you interested in the plans going down this Saturday and Sunday, check out the 24 hour festival curated by Its a pony projects. a curatorial group run by SAIC arts admin, and MFA studio artists, creatives spanning the Chicago cta blue line northwest neighborhoods have gotten together for a 24 hour non stop festival of art, performances and film screenings- from established galleries to apartment galleries, critical conversations of the arts abound.

And guess what? 8 hours after my show opening your girl is in TWO of these events tonight! So Check it,

Anthony Charles Lewis, Christina Long, Silvia Vasilescu: Public Opinion No. 1


“at 2844 w dickens all three of them live there

the noise made it through the windows of the 5th floor apartment located on Decebal boulevard. it didn’t actually covered his voice, as rarely sounds can cover his deep cigar smoking voice. Dad propped the laptop on his stomach as he continued the heated debate over the future of romania. Via Skype. Across from him, the TV’s on. He hit his knee on the coffee table. a 2*2 feet black wood coffee table. As he shouted “the monarchy isn’t a solution!”. Stopped my ranting on how Queen Margareta would save Romanian Democracy.

In 1965 Ashely could cross the road and take the path to the right of the round church. the union society is at the end of that path. Here, Mr. Baldwin and Mr. Buckley spoke freely at 9a Bridge Street in Cambridge where the room was full and lukewarm and left much to be desired of a charlatan and ultimately a boring man.

Two sisters in their kitchen off the golf course, dinner time, guitars and podcasts. Pulte architecture, granite counter tops amongst marble flooring and stainless steel appliances over looking the Michigan moors and Canadian geese. chocolates are the debate of the evening and i will win.”

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