I’ll Sit and Fit for the Nightly Rounds

gettin loud, distortin the sound of the blazen times we used spend on summer blends though, trending what became before after and whats to blame for-

not holding it standing it or be-chancing thisclong art

just one of those lines man

you know, from the other jokers on town who frown

hatin the yellow suits that slip by the basens

munchin on the undercuts on grape stained drapes and

feeling me, feeling you on the corner of sound that turned blues into remedies of fighting through the misery, yo of what is driven the different kinds, of loves that be following the taste of this on you in this cant waiver the distaste of those undangerous.

i think i’ll sit and fit on what was said to me towards different thoughts or holds that cant stand to see its differently the sights and things i be in donut holes of the roles she expects of me, but now lets see if there aint something we can do what captain crunch and chumps of oatmal had for you on transfer to me so yuh,

go out and spit a future bright for me, and her and him and them and friends of the unfriendly.

this time im gonna come out on the end of it,yuh, this time is gonna be a fresher type of shit, antipathic, fortright in nighttimes slippery lights in the degreasing of the fishery meanings i keep speaking-thats what it do and thats what im saying till the end of it all baby its g-e-m-6-nine ninty nine – peace

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