Friends of Consumption

Course of the Blood

Motions of the Heart-

Can interceed the exceeding circumstances known as unevolved happenings for these days and other days alike and not. once upon the streets of autumn I spotted the leaves running in the wind with the finches. Can you imagine? Birds running off with leaves? High up in the ctiy sky too- the nerve of them, bold as any brasses that sing old blues tunes every other wednesday nite down at the club.

Forsaken my forgettins of those times, could be minimalist, not sure, dont know much about those things. what i do know is that you gotta lotta nerve comin round here with all of that, damn birdies. Hey come back here with my purse!!! screwy easter eggs.

you think they care about me? us? you? naw boy.

Birds, pigeons, seagulls, henpecks, crows, turkies, chickens and squirrels, think they own this town they do. and this was supposed to be an amiable city around the holidays. they should set up a petition yeah. it should read–

“checkers lost the red ones so we’re going back to start again, if interested, meet us at macys precisely on the 11th of the 12th moon in full blue stockings and no children! sign the document held outsdie the gates and pay the doorman 2 mcdonalds frenchfries and an empty starbucks cup, to spend your holiday in a luxurious parakeet paradise to which only magical macys can offer.”

and as if that wasnt enough two untold figures in green paddocks couldnt tell the difference between them and i. if any one is a birdbrain i suspect it aint the birds.

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