cornered crosses in cohnifestige lake

Alluding to the concept that a construct should falter careless acquisitions of peppermint and gingers.

Oppressed flower petals, tea leaves, trees, top shops, mops, garnishes, defending circumstances and fermented purses -change the purpose of our eyes on brighter times and darker days in the ways of un-enlightened fairways.

To say the least I’d like to think of many things that have not passed so many ways to say that is I should be smarter in times as these that lack refreshing opium’s and flatter chatterings.Sugar, myrugrats7, christina long art

But we whisper in any account on any accounting of a high sort of living which discloses a spearmint and fortuitous monument of vestigeous interlude.  Be that of communal discovery or null, I shall seek the end.

When I walk along the streets of this fair and unfair pastry, I doubt my feet and my toes and my fingertips as to what this feeling is to be urban in the urbaneous gardashian that yields to the contemporary liveousness called. A calling.

If November could speak I imagine it would speak like me, in hollow drippings of lace and red bows. Towards fully incarcerated packages from ups and fed ex. Up my panty hose to the waist line of my yellow suit skirt. And its sharp too. I got it on sale of course at a very nice department store of compartmentalized installations that painted images of how I saw myself for you. To be for you and you alone of guffrocks and canticles and freak shows and damning lady skills in navy blue evening gowns.

Likewise I hope to find you in the fullest function for better or easier examination.

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