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Not Without Me

I gotta get me some of that new fruit I see the ladies sportin on the street

I gotta see the new breed of lightning they keep telling me about- yeah

cause thats how is goes sometimes

she walking in new shoes with yellow tape on them, were they on sale? i cant tell, but i should get me some of those

christina long art
2011 clong


yeah i gotta get in on that shit


good to me, if youre good to me i’ll be good to you- and its decidedly so baby, mightily so

kicks back to stack away the sort of grayer scenes on brighter inhabitants and cant stand to sit this way without causing a kinda stormyness in all effectiveness to whats hittin my thoughts, yeah. no? well its a sight when it happens let me tell you, uh huh, all kinds of mysteries start out here under the sidewalk, just when its past noon in the faulting awareness of an afternoon that went by hours ago.

just like those stories we used to hear about whole families running out in the street at night from fires, rivers, lakes and tornadoes, juke that yuh, spend that gots to get me there next time i’m gonna see you on the other side for sure honey for sure, moons got a light i dont see here often- glowing red nails, red lips, red bells, bows, noses, eyelids, and leather prose, just like the kind from when i was a kid, gotten wet from the snow that flew past here before you came strutting in, yeah i gots you on that though i feel you, it just like when a store bought leather coat bumps up against a handmade scarf or briefcase, you know?

So you probably thought i wasnt paying no attention to that huh, well in this case lady you’d have been wrong. yuh lets go round the corner and see if elephants can walk across tightropes made of french fries and European vines, billowing and flattening in according to your account of what went down there last time. cause thats how it goes-

but i’ll tell you what sugar, Imma take care of things tonight i’m gonna show you just what it is i mean-muchablige….like how my moms say wha spirits like to stay and which like to go, which follows down the danky streets and which comes home with me on the bus,watching like crystalline lights in the shadows of the subway, I gotta busy day ahead of me girl so lets finish this now, come on, and what? you saying we aint got time for spinning stories, stories? um so excuse me miss sister but what i’m spelling for you aint just stories but our histories, unreeling in a time thats forgotten it appointments, distorted over centuries to end this now between us yes, the history i remember yall will never forget and in this we’ll find whats right and whats not in timing with the scadalizing of the decidely so, yuh, thats right

so whos here and who aint talk with me on that babe and if you take care i’ll see what i can do.

By #blkgrlswurld

Christina L. is an artist and designer from Chicago | MFA grad of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Printmedia '12.

She writes about underground music and creates artwork in Harlem, NYC

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