Thrice Gooses Geeses

Thrice Gooses Geeses

If strangeness was nottled in bottled but doubled backward I dream it would find humor in and out through upturned violets.

hattisatin, 2011

Thrice gooses geeses

It’s a light that has no face, just cause to describe a lawless divide in my heart and mind. Which honestly describes the tides I see. Bubbled, gurgled, curdling hurdles gets things not these things under specialties in reveries I like to see some time.

Thrice gooses geeses

But then looking about is not quite what this world is of and out but not without my curiosity in matters of small ambiguities. Twisted changing forms of colours toward odors, orders and oeuvres I cant see. Not in this light, would u mind, please turning it down some? I cannot see in this light. Its not my eyes that are weak, its your light that is pestering me, in this dimness you cannot fashion without stark hesitation.

Thrice gooses geeses

Longings finding hindsightly lemon slightings, yellowing the skin in fresher circumstances. I want to be new, don’t i? the old me is so boring, ever disgusting, no I think im going to change for you now, im going to be new- phoenix like but then I never saw a phoenix so I cannot mimic him. Who shall I copy then in this fresher more exotic form, that y’all cannot deceiver, or predict. Who else could I be to seduce you and include me, perhaps it would come about a faster subjugation in this level of illumination if u simply told me what it is you want me to be.

Thrice gooses geeses

I have changed for you in the past under guises I believed were my self direction but I am older now, recognizing all that I do is for your discretion. Lets get to the point. Would you prefer this in the dark, dark dark, or very dark. In mysteries that are mysterious, feebly confusing or didactic. Or perhaps as negro, negress, or my personal favorite, Miss Negressie ala bourgeoisie ala rouge satins and laces. In this however my dear dear man, my vastness will escape you by such weak candlelight as Thrice gooses geeses.

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  1. I really like that picture you used, and you bought out some interesting points! Check out my blog, I’d love some feedback on my pieces and posts. Thanks 🙂

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