Keeping One Towards Another Turns

without, long, 2011

Cause i figured it wasnt no thang,

cause it seemed like a good idea

liked and not liked under certain lights and other other other faces, friends and demands

see me, you see me, saw me, say to me,

different thangs that night shades and red light caves cannot touch on brighter days, in so many ways that she, I’s is Me too taboo.

and how?

got the softest skin, and you know youve felt it, caught you lookin at all of this- sweeter than a chocolate bar, the milkiest kind.

warnings cant hide in consistencies too pure to describe, undivided when we meet inside, inside? yuh inside- cause

outside they wont know, cant know wont see, not us you or me, a defection we sharing in according to you, my eyes cant find you on that though cause,

i just liked you

wondered, wanderings of hiding pure things….of fuzzy old socks, favorite blankets, lil children laughing, man, woman, luv kissin, luvin and touchin’

aint seen together when seeing this above standard dandelion whom is most of all a lioness dear beau of blueness and harsh sharpness, do you see me? do you See Me? this be finer things, eastern golds too soft to hold, to keep in cozy pockets on a rainy day, when Youre ready. powders push for outside walls, crawling tea cups, folded napkins and clear glasses of tear drops and rosy jades. dont play with me.

Cause to guess this gesture may seem infectious to the pretentious, can’t dislocate a temptress forlorn on souls unadorned in times where lamb wrapped silvers in fleece sit out on moonlit nights under starry shadows and I’m worth More.

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