of course of courses in excess of courseness

of course of course-of thoughts-and not thoughts-but knots-have a way-of getting knotted in my-relentless way-of tounges-hawt but not-for hatted knaughts-stops-gots-big-twings-trills-thingsyies-ringlies-thrillies, chillies on phillies-

christina long
christina long, debunked, 2011

got me wondering too-on something that you said-but didnt say, from your head you might say-but then accounted from it for it but not of it-understand? its planned you see-of me and mine and his and hers and yours and that guy over there’s-its systematic-dogmatic-static-phallic-fraudulent-dipsticky-liquidity-of earnest I’d like think but it nothing to me-your nothings or nothings to me-

i like to listen sometimes-not all the time but then i also like to talk-most of the time and all the times, these times are mine, not yours or hers or his or urs or that lady over theres.

Of course then there that other stuff, but who cares? in courses of discourses towards courses that follow orders. Could bleed-tweed-twine-and further define its mysteries- if I cared to- but i dont- and you dont either- within its course of action of course it should make sense in cents it seems- good luck then i gather this failure wont realize my issues on hindsight in thrillsight in wantsight i gives up yo-


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