even if it takes all night

christina long photo
new series of photos by christina long..duh its my blog right

what if it never actually happened? what if everything you thought you knew, couldnt be more wrong? would that make you wrong? bad? evil?

something thumpin occurred to me alongside blue stones and unnoticed chinky chains, that you enjoyed my company- so far as to mention a gliding sliding symphonizing handling of eye and gestures, turns my world into a cleary unrelenting gaze.

would that it took all night for us to severe this winter in a green landscape, i would hope for it but wouldn’t fight for it, as i have plenty on my plate- still, if it wasn’t for that mean thing, you know the one, full of sixes and sevens and nines and ones- i think i might have liked you back.

taking all these inequities of writings and dividers, towards that new style of talking, that new way of looking. you are wrong, you must be bad, for this sadness hasnt disappeared, and i’m still looking at you.

i got this cotton fabric dyed yellows and reds, but it aint Red you might say it aint giddy greedy green, No, never that- but i wear it nice and long on warmer days, crystal blue pebbles come outta the water to me tell me how nice i looks in it, here and there a lil pigeon will glance at it on me, say im lovely. I’m is most LOVELY. yes.

waters is likely to change their minds on these things, seasons got no place here, but you do Hear a distant patterning, got violets, and sharp steels, cloudy turquoises and mommy poppy seeds. it indeed believes in me, and it took me All of nights harvestins to do it. now i’ll track those streams i couldnt catch, and meet there across this stoned walking stick under a newer moon yall havent seen before.

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