And what would it have said any how?

A changing wind of discourse and laughter.

Once again ‘school’ has begun-

But I think I’m tired. Alot of expectations these days, I suppose its what I’m paying for. It will all work its way out of course, good work is good work.

F13 and F14 if you ask me, but you won’t so its ok. Art history is following me everywhere, apparently I’m an antipodean of all things, didnt even realize it quite common. Control Alt Delete without the Shift or Spacebar u know?

Be that as it was of shorter things without with held, and witholding but not withstanding this sort of conversing for those of you who havent noticed, poetry is a fun riddle I enjoy from time to time. Going on here instead of my sketchy booky thing-a-ma-bob-y.

requested the unexpected and got what I deserved so I shall wait and see, if you were a kid though I have to ask would you have answered the western cat? whom questioned Missy to the right about her wanderings on his air? Who owns the air? can a cat own it and who owns him if that were true why should we answer him, he is supposed to know all about the air. And why didnt he simply question the air to our supposed whereabouts? they would know better than any.

Intuitive and robust but could mean anything I guess. So now I’ll shut up.

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