2nd Year Starting Up!

Chicago has been good to me this summer- after checking out the festivals lollapalooza and local shows I’m trying to get my mind right for the Fall school semester starting up again. Yeesh, can you say expensive?

People act like using found objects is a hip choice for art these days- but for me its all i can afford, I’m constantly going to Detroit ransacking my parents house looking for old childhood keepsakes of mine to turn into art.

On the horizon I recently acquired all of my childhood dolls, redundant as it may seem, all of these dolls are african american and I’ve become fascinated at the relationship I had with these dolls, intimately staring at their looking brown faces as a kid- thinking I related to these strange forms.

Last month, idN Mag had an awesome coverage of designers who use low tech processes for new media, check it here

Its crazy how people of a certain time start to feel similar things and create/develop similar solutions to those questions. Paper assemblages are really popular these days in advertising and other media, the use of laser cutters and lap sized installations continue to reign over billboards and commericals- who’d a thunk? lol, I can relate thats for sure.

AND stayed tuned for an upcoming solo show of a new installation at the silver room in Wicker Park neighborhood, Chicago IL. yo!

girl, Digital Print of assembled objects and drawings

So the next show is still being developed but the main concept is to take people further into how  see the city of Chicago, I will be drawing life size people floating down the street, bending and twisting their bodies in outrageous ways as they go to school and work etc. In the center of the show will be a large found fabric sculpture I wont yet disclose here.

Antipodal antipathies
Antipodal antipathies, digital Print of assembled prints and objects

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