In the studio

In the MFA program at SAIC (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) executing my latest ideas has been wild- My mind keeps running faster than my hands can make, but I’m hanging in there! I dont want to be an artist who’s all talk- here are some recent works below- PS. the Max is in for me yo!

In my studio off Wabash, Chicago
working on the walls

My wall murals are exploring narrative and folktales i’ve been writing for personal discovery As an african american youth, discussions of family or heritage were always discouraged as unimportant, unable to find many family members willing to discuss our family tree,  decided to make up my on stories about how the world came to be and how I came to be in it- Many of the stores include traditional african folktale characters such as the Hare, tortoise, Crows, wolfs and the moon.

In the Studio
My world is a colorful one

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