“I design lifelong learning opportunities to empower everyday people.”

Through collaboration, research and design thinking, I uncover learning solutions for a range of audiences. Be it young children, graduate students, executive professionals or entrepreneurs, I drive digital innovation forward to provide the best experience possible.

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Instructional Design

Adult Learning & Professional Development

“Today’s leaders are expected to be lifelong learners, which means they need constant access to fast and cost-effective development programs that build on their skills and abilities while allowing them to expand their network of peers.” (CLO, Gale)

For adult learners I have launched enterprise level learning paths with subject matter experts in addition to custom programs for global partners. According to McKinsey & Company’s 2019 report on the Future of Work, the need for life-long learning is only going to increase. Most industries will need professionals who constantly update their skills as technology changes rapidly. Formal university degrees will not always be the solution for this type of continuing education. Mobile learning strategies allow us to share important content in real-time that can be applied immediately at the work-place.

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Selected Courses Launched Since 2014

  • Online Writing Workshop. Faculty: Gordon Haber. The School of the New York Times
  • The Art of Buying & Selling at Auction. Instructor: Maria Sancho-Arroyo. Sotheby’s Institute of Art
  • Careers in the Art World: A Practical Guide. Faculty: Emilie Faure. Sotheby’s Institute of Art
  • Creative Strategy: Using Strategic Intuition to Solve Complex Challenges. Faculty: Bill Duggan and Amy Murphy. Columbia Business School
  • Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship: Ideation, Incubation and Acceleration. Faculty: Rita McGrath. Columbia Business School.
  • Innovate on Demand (Breakthrough Innovation). Faculty: Gita Johar and Yoni Stern. Columbia Business School.
  • Globalization. Faculty: Bruce C. Greenwald and Joseph E. Stiglitz. Columbia Business School.
  • Leadership: People, Teams & Organizations. Faculty: Kathy Phillips and Adam Galinsky. Columbia Business School.


Project Walkthrough



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Client: Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York City, NY. For the adult continuing education audience.

Project: Design a new branded course layout for Sotheby’s Institute Online Courses (2018-2019) that follow ADA standards & student conduct policies. Online courses from years past did not have a standardized design experience across the course offerings. Instructors were left to post learning content on their own, so the quality of the experience varied from program to program.

My Instructional Design Role: I opened the legacy courses and began drafting a template course layout following ADA compliance that could be rolled out across all online courses. This included custom html being built out within the Canvas LMS as well as sourcing branded images and collaborating with student services on the most up to date school policies. This ensured that participants experienced a consistent learning environment.

Course Workbook: In 2019 I began incorporating PDF workbooks to courses as a learning asset that can improve student success rates. These workbooks featured assignments and exercises relevant to the video lectures. I made sure these documents were branded and polished as objects to be shared by the student to employers or other interested parties.

Team Members: Collaborated with the subject matter expert and the internal digital support team.

The School of the NY Times

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Client: The School of the New York Times. For the high-school audience. Learn More Here

Project: Design and launch a 12 week online course for high school students that provides the NYT branded approach to essay writing technique. The course is on-demand with over 6 hours of video lectures and interviews with NYT journalists. As an independent study course it was important for students to feel encouraged as they navigated this learning path on their own.

My Instructional Design Role: Upon meeting with the subject matter expert I provided a workflow to guide them through the curriculum design process for digital delivery. It’s common for traditional educators to need guidance on how the digital delivery of information varies from experiences in the classroom. With a focus on the intended learning outcomes, I determined the most critical information students needed and determined which tools would best communicate that information in a meaningful way.

Course Workbook: To expand student engagement I designed a companion workbook that supported video lecture content with writing activities, articles and prompts.

Team Members:  Collaborated with the subject matter expert and the multimedia designer.

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Christina Long_mobile design_mfa
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Client: Columbia Business School, Executive Education. For the full-time professional/corporate audience.

Project: Design and launch a 10 week online course with tenured faculty using Canvas LMS for the exec ed audience. Sites needed captioned videos with transcripts and table free pages to follow W3C accessibility standards.

My Instructional Design Role: After meetings with the subject matter expert, I filmed and edited classroom lecture videos via Final Cut. I cataloged these videos in Kaltura media library. and then embedded them in Canvas LMS as well as Articulate’s Rise tool. I produced the visual layout of web pages, buttons and web graphics to provide a smooth learning experience for students.

My Operational Role: Recruit and staff instructional designers to collaborate on content delivery. Process A/B testing data and user feedback.  Confirm revenue and expenses. Facilitate faculty webinars and email marketing campaigns.



Client: Community Home Health Care, Indiana. For the health professional audience.

Project: Create a new logo, design guidebook and responsive website for CHHC.

My Design Role: I presented logo and website sketches to the marketing department and consulted on what visuals would align best with the company credo. I created a guidebook of design standards for the company logo and letterhead (Color swatches, logo placement best practices, etc.) Provided a Squarespace account tutorial and crafted custom media assets like the banners above.

web logo blkgrlswurld

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Client: #blkgrlswurld Zine, a small press publisher based in NYC.

Project: Print publishing, digital marketing and live event management.

My Design Role: I founded #Blkgrlswurld Press in 2014. Zines and artists’ books published by #Blkgrlswurld have been collected by libraries at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art PS1, The Schomburg Center for Research On Black Culture, The Barnard Zine Library and Wasted Ink Zine Distro.


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My Role: Producer, Secondary Video Editing and Media Asset Archiving
Film Production/ Raw Editing: Peoples TV LLC | Columbia MarComm
Instructional Design & Editing: In the Telling, Education Studio
Faculty: CBS, Miklos Sarvary
Course Platform: Canvas, 2015-2017

My Role: Producer, Secondary Video Editing and Media Asset Archiving
Film Production/Editing: Peoples TV LLC | Columbia MarComm
Instructional Design & Raw Editing: In the Telling, Education Studio
Faculty: CBS, Joseph Stiglitz & Bruce Greenwald
Course Platform: Canvas, 2015-2017

My Role: Secondary Video Editing and Web Design in LMS. Zoom Webinar Facilitator.
Film Production/Editing: Next Thought | Columbia MarComm
Instructional Design & Editing: Next Thought & CBS Exec Ed Team
Faculty: CBS, Gita Johar and Yoni Stern
Course Platform: Canvas, 2016-2017

My Role: Video Editing, Title and Slides. Voiceover recording.
Film Production/Editing: University Videographer
Faculty: CBS, William Duggan
Course Platform: Kaltura/Drupal


Experimental Projects: