“I lead digital learning products that create a lasting impact for everyday people.”

Through collaboration, research and reflection, I uncover learning solutions for a range of audiences. Be it young children, graduate students, executive professionals or entrepreneurs, I drive digital innovation forward to provide the best experience possible.

“Today’s leaders are expected to be lifelong learners, which means they need constant access to fast and cost-effective development programs that build on their skills and abilities while allowing them to expand their network of peers.” (CLO, Gale)

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Instructional Design


I have designed and launched global online courses for clients like Columbia University, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, The School of the New York Times and First Finance Institute.

Leading the visual design and content development of the entire product life cycle, these projects require collaborating and managing talented filmmakers, facilitators, curriculum specialists and developers.

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“Align learning activities with the outcomes, and provide students with support in how to study…Include opportunities for student engagement and interactions with the instructor, the content, and other students.” – Linda B. Nilson & Ludwika A. Goodson. “Online Teaching at Its Best, 2018.”

In the realm of executive education I have designed enterprise level educational materials as well as on-demand content for companies and global partners.

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Selected Courses Launched Since 2015

  • Online Writing Workshop. Faculty: Gordon Haber. The School of the New York Times
  • Careers in the Art World: A Practical Guide. Faculty: Emilie Faure. Sotheby’s Institute of Art
  • The Art of Buying and Selling at Auction. Faculty: Maria Sancho-Arroyo. Sotheby’s Institute of Art
  • Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship: Ideation, Incubation and Acceleration. Faculty: Rita McGrath. Columbia Business School.
  • Innovate on Demand. Faculty: Gita Johar and Yoni Stern. Columbia Business School.
  • Globalization. Faculty: Bruce C. Greenwald and Joseph E. Stiglitz. Columbia Business School.


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My Role: Producer, Secondary Video Editing and Media Asset Archiving
Film Production/ Raw Editing: Peoples TV LLC | Columbia MarComm
Instructional Design & Editing: In the Telling, Education Studio
Faculty: CBS, Miklos Sarvary
Course Platform: Canvas, 2015-2017

My Role: Producer, Secondary Video Editing and Media Asset Archiving
Film Production/Editing: Peoples TV LLC | Columbia MarComm
Instructional Design & Raw Editing: In the Telling, Education Studio
Faculty: CBS, Joseph Stiglitz & Bruce Greenwald
Course Platform: Canvas, 2015-2017

My Role: Secondary Video Editing and Web Design in LMS. Zoom Webinar Facilitator.
Film Production/Editing: Next Thought | Columbia MarComm
Instructional Design & Editing: Next Thought & CBS Exec Ed Team
Faculty: CBS, Gita Johar and Yoni Stern
Course Platform: Canvas, 2016-2017

My Role: Video Editing, Title and Slides. Voiceover recording.
Film Production/Editing: University Videographer
Faculty: CBS, William Duggan
Course Platform: Kaltura/Drupal


Experimental Projects:




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With over 8 years of visual design experience, we have crafted and illustrated print assets (Posters, Brochures, Catalogs, etc.) and Digital media (Banners, Gifs, Videos) across  Healthcare, Education and Museum fields.

Running a small press org known as #Blkgrlswurld Zine, our independently published books have been collected by: MoMA PS1, Met Museum, Barnard Zine Library, Joan Flasch Artists Book Library and the Schomburg Center for Research on Black Culture.

Earlier this year we designed signature prints and drawings at the Risograph print lab in the School of Visual Arts, NYC.